The combined POLYPACK solutions for small, medium and high speed are reliable and flexible. They can be used to place food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other products under neutral or personalised film as well as in cardboard plates, cardboard trays or wrap-around boxes.

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Range and compatibilities

The combined POLYPACK machines are available with and without sealing bar. They can be used to place all products such as bricks, cans, cartons, bottles and bags in wrap-around or American boxes, under neutral film, continuous printed or printed marked with a label or cardboard tray.

Working principle

  • Frontal or on the side loading
  • Compatible with bricks, cans, cases, bags and bottles
  • Bulking of products on cardboard plates, cardboard trays and wrap-around
  • Marked printed or neutral film
  • Formation of cardboard from flat die-cutting
  • Easy and secure access


  • Automatic lubrication
  • Adjustment of automatic wrap modules
  • Seamless shrink-wrapping
  • Marked printed film


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hot Melt Collage
  • Principle of personalised feeding for the products to be grouped together
  • Upper wrap module
  • Lower module wrap
  • Programmable PLC control
  • Safety and function indicator
  • Carton magazine positioned on the side
  • Speed: depending on products and groupings (up to 25 cycles/min with a sealing bar)