• Front power supply
  • Manual loading
  • Compatible with bricks, cans, boxes, bags and bottles
  • Compact design

Working principle

  • Shrinkwrapping under shrink-wrapped polyethylene film with fixed sealing station
  • Template for max. width: 600 – 800 (more on request)
  • Passage height adapted to the pack
  • Speed: depending on products, groupings and operator (up to 12 packs/min)
  • Manual power supply
  • Automatic operations ensured by maintaining the 2 push buttons activated by the operator*.
  • Introduction to the plastic film
  • Film roll unwinding
  • Descent of the sealing bar
  • Safety of the operator ensured by maintaining the 2 push buttons engaged and the return of load cylinder return
  • Option: integration of a light curtain to release the operator


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fixed sealing station with constant heating thermal welding electrode and fixed counter electrode
  • Power according to speed and products: 10 – 13.5 KVA
  • Shrink tunnel with hot air recirculation and stainless steel mesh conveyor belt
  • Cooling ventilation
  • Programmable PLC control
  • Voltage: 400 volts three-phase
  • Control voltage: 24 volts
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Machine complies with CE standards
  • Machine delivered with instructions for use and maintenance